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Monday, July 20, 2009

"Oh my god! I have to get to a cave RIGHT NOW!"

Please watch the short snippet above from that excellent film, Better Off Dead, and then I'll take it from there.

Why is this quote relevant? Why is Lane's freak-out involving his upcoming race with Stalin the headline of this post?

Because I'm freakin' out man!

No, I'm not racing Stalin tomorrow. I don't even have a pair of skis. And while there are no shortage of caves in New Zealand, I am not so desperate as to be searching for one to hermit myself away in. Yet.

But watch this space. Why? Because tonight, after going out on the town to support some friends doing stand-up comedy (and good shows tonight Woody, Robbie and Nat), I somehow managed to volunteer myself to do a set in an upcoming "Raw Meat Monday". And I hadn't even been drinking!

Oh sure, I've toyed with the idea of trying my hand at a bit of stand-up comedy one day. One day. You know, far off in the future. Preferably via telecast from beyond the grave, so if I bomb I'll be dead and won't really care. But even then...

Seriously! Do you want your first act in the afterlife to be a case of serious flop sweat? I don't know where I'm going after this world, but I'm sure there will be crickets! And they can chirp just as loudly as here!

Ah, what am I saying. Probably everybody who's done stand-up before had felt this way right after agreeing or deciding to try it. It's only natural to feel this anxiety. I admit, there is a bit of a rush in there. Somewhere in there, mixed in with the stark terror.

But the crowds here in Wellington are very supportive and this particular scenario, the Raw Meat Monday format, as off-putting as it sounds is really the perfect time and place for anyone who has ever wanted to try stand-up to finally get off their duff and do it.

Yes, when you've finally completely lost your mind, and decided you'd like to single-handedly entertain a room fool of strangers with your own personal brand of comedy, well then Raw Meat Mondays is the place for you!

No really I am looking forward to this. I was going to get up there and try it once for sure, I just wasn't sure when. So when Derek fixed me with his imploring gaze this evening after the show and kept repeating, "So can I pencil you in for the 31st?", I just couldn't say no. Well, I did say no. Like five times at least. But I finally caved.

Haha, 'cave', get it? No?


Anyways, I'm glad I did! I guess I'm enough of a stage hog that the concept of improvised comedy wasn't enough so I decided to get all greedy and book myself for some stand-up comedy as well. Lots of friends of mine in W.I.T. perform stand-up so I'll be turning to them for advice and asking them to come support me.

But I'll be asking them to leave any and all recording devices at home.

See you on the night of Monday, August 31st Wellington!


Blogger Chelsea said...

Yay Brandon, that's fantastic! I'll definitely come support you. And yeah, I always get that mixed feeling of sheer horror and giddy excitement when I think about performing.

11:03 AM  
Blogger Brooksie said...

Thank you, Chelsea! Will be great to have you there and I'll be sure to hit you up for some advice beforehand! You'll have to let me know when your next set is as well.

11:44 AM  
Blogger admin said...

Good luck Brandon... see if someone will tape it and you can post it here!!-Heidi

4:49 AM  
Blogger Brooksie said...

Thanks Heidi! OK if there ends up being footage I'll post it for sure. Thanks for the good wishes!

7:49 PM  
Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

From who did stand-up comedy just about every Sunday for a couple of decades, is appropriate to say to you, "Break a leg"?

10:06 PM  
Blogger Brooksie said...

Yes, Nick, that is the exact right thing to say! Cheers for that my friend, and would that I could have seen you do your stand-up act!

11:03 PM  

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