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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

"Every exit is but an entrance...to...somewhere else."*

Tonight my Drama class resumed, and it was great. The past four weeks I've been working so much I haven't had the usual creative outlets I have become accustomed to, so I've had some pent-up energy. But I did not realize how much I missed being in this class until the first one of the second session tonight.

There are ten of us in the class this time, as opposed to the twelve we had in the previous session, and of the ten that are here, four of us are new. Since it is still a Mixed Abilities class, half of them have a disability of some sort, so the original four who were in the class last time are back again, as well as a new girl named Laura. They are all really into the class and it's been great to be around them and our instructor Kate is excellent at bringing everyone together and keeping us all on our toes. There are three other new girls as well that don't have disabilities, so that makes it an even five and five, and that should make things go more smoothly this time around as last time there was an uneven mix.

Just like last time, we'll mix a little improvisation in with some exploration of some basic elements of acting and even some singing. The other instructor, James, handles the musical side of our classes and fortunately all of us seem pretty uninhibited when it comes to the singing, which to me is significantly harder to do around perfect strangers than even acting itself is! Everyone really got into the class tonight so hopefully they all stick with it, as most of the class did last term. We're still using Shakespeare as the main source of our material, specifically his Comedy, A Midsummer Night's Dream.

And like last time, out of the ten pupils a small number are actual native New Zealanders. This time around we have a girl from Holland in the group, who's here in New Zealand with her boyfriend from Chile. I love how multi-cultural New Zealand is and one of the main reasons I have signed up for classes like this is to meet new and interesting people and, once again, it does not disappoint!

I picked up a good restaurant recommendation tonight, an Italian place in Petone (puh-TOW-knee) called La Bella Italia. It's right on the waterfront, and Petone is actually the first portion of Wellington harbor that was settled by the European colonists in the 19th century. It occupies the northern aspect of the harbor, directly opposite Wellington itself to the south. Apparently the views of Welly from this city across the harbor are not to be missed, and I've become a bit complacent in my routines lately so I will break things up a bit by going here as soon as I possibly can. I still have yet to have any Italian food since coming to New Zealand nearly eleven months (!) ago, and this is a total crime as that's my favorite type of cuisine in general. I'll be sure to review it here, hopefully with pictures, once I make it over there.

So it's time for a little less talk and a lot more action from this blogger, as I can't let myself switch completely from 'Tourist' mode to 'Working Stiff' mode and not do all the exciting things there are to be done here!
*Quote from an episode of Frasier.


Blogger Beechball said...

I would love to travel the world to simply try different foods from all over, how great of a job would that be (if there's no mushrooms, seafood, or pets involved!)! I have joinded a group of my girlfriends here in town to create somewhat of a 'dinner club', lol, and once a month we're going to go out at a nice restaurant, all try different things and try eachothers stuff! Yum! I'm soo excited because I love food almost as much as I love being ALIVE! lol It's great to hear that you'll be reviewing a place soon yourself.. ENJOY! Bon Appetito!

10:07 AM  
Blogger Brooksie said...

What a cool concept, Lyndsay. Your dinner club is going to be great! Food - especially restaurants - is one of the best things in life so 'bon appetit' indeed! Perhaps you are just getting started with your future career as a world-traveling restaurant critic! Looking forward to your reviews and I'll post back here when I finally get to that Italian place. Bellissimo!

11:06 AM  

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