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Friday, November 03, 2006

Ants in the Kitchen*

*sung to the tune of "Mirror in the Bathroom" by The English Beat

Ants in the kitchen
please God no
Crawling from the
counter to the floor.
Where did I put that ant spray
it kills bugs dead
They keep coming in
while I am eating.

Ants in the kitchen
can't kill them all
Don't look now and don't turn 'round
they're in the hall.
Sprayed inside and out, tried to be clean
but they're from Hell
Just a thousand minions
sent by Satan himself, self, self

Ants in the kitchen
There are ants in the kitchen
There are ants in the kitchen
There are ants in the kitchen

Ants in the kitchen
they're payback
For many fleas
I have whacked.
Hard as I fight
they've moved on
crawling from the pantry
onto my arm.

Ants in the kitchen
please leave me
I'll drop the Raid
just eat and flee.
I'll bring you lunch tomorrow
pesticide free
Just stay outside
while you are eating.

Ants in the kitchen
I got
Ants in the kitchen ...


Blogger Beechball * said...

You know, you're starting to creep me out with all this weird coincidental stuff you keep pulling, lol. My Dad just told me that HE'S got ants in HIS kitchen.. again! He lives in a large apartment building and last year this happened when I was visiting, very gross to be quite honest with you, but they killed them all AFTER I left. But low and behold - Theeeeiiir baaaacccck! Strange how you and I are so very similiar in so many ways... Hmmmm :P

3:35 AM  
Blogger Brooksie said...

Oi, there is an uprising of ants the world over! I know just how your poor Dad feels, then. Perhaps we can swap war stories on how to fend off the pesky buggers. Good thing they waited until after you left to kill them off lol. Right now all is quiet here, but I am certain they're organizing a second wave.. And the coincidences are quite eery, aren't they! Especially since you found my blog _just_ after I posted about Tool. I'm very glad to know ya, Lyndsay, so it's cool to find how much we have in common :D

5:23 PM  

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