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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Brooksie's Soundtrack [Redux]

Oh. My. Freakin'. Lord!

Lyndsay, you will absolutely not believe that I followed your orders to the letter but I swear it's true! The list that follows is exactly what came up on my iTunes randomizer just now and some of the coincidences are too funny and/or too scary!

To prove my point further, the sole reason I did not post this two nights ago (like I said I would - bad Brooksie) is because I've spent many hours the past two nights just importing all of my CDs into iTunes! I didn't want to compose my life's soundtrack without the likes of Tool or Sting or - heaven forbid - early 80's music in the potential mix!

Yes I know that also makes it painfully evident that I have absolutely no life right now, but hey - don't we all need to import our entire music collections onto iTunes every once in a while? Besides, they were all weeknights at least. So nyeah.

Anyways, without any further hesitation or rambling, let's get onto it:

Opening Credits: "Every Breath You Take" - The Police. With obvious first breath of air references aside, this is just a kick-ass song (with a crappy video).

First Day At School: "Sissyneck" - Beck. Okay. This sounds bad. And it's true - on my first day of first grade, I ran all the way to the hospital where my Mom was because I was too afraid to go to class. But I sailed through kindergarten, for what that's worth!

Falling In Love: "She Found The Place" - Hal Ketchum. This is perfect, as this country balladeer has some great lyrics and a great voice. A song about how his true love found the place where he was hidin'. Definitely not about any 'place' in a 'sexual' sense. Perverts.

Fight Song: "Stinkfist" - TOOL. How cool is that! Not only did Tool randomly make it onto this list (making it bona fide Brooksie material), but it also has 'fist' in the title for the 'fight song' category. Heh.

Breaking Up: "Crystal Wrists" - Peter Murphy. Another uncanny coincidence. The vague unsettling reference to slitting wrists notwithstanding, Peter Murphy does often whinge on in his music about unrequited love. Although he does it to a very cool, catchy and deceptively upbeat tempo, a la Bob Mould.

Prom: "Microcuts" - FC Kahuna. So random it actually works! I like FC Kahuna for other electronica/techno tunes of theirs, but this one has a particularly nerdy, early 80s, robot-dancing kinda beat to it. Perfect reminder of my Senior Prom. No need to ask why.

Life: "Hurricane" - Bush. Well, doesn't this just about sum up all of our lives? Cool that Bush made the cut as well, even though it's not one of my favorite songs of theirs. The fact that they're represented at all is what matters. And the title once again fits the category, natch!

Mental Breakdown: "Swamp Song" - TOOL. Again! Yes, I know now this list is starting to seem rigged, but trust me it's not. Having Tool on here twice really validates this random sampling, and the song just so happens to be about warning someone not to get involved with someone or something harmful but inevitably they ignore the advice. So they end up in the kind of swamp that could indeed be a mental breakdown, you see.

Driving: "Hallelujah Song" - Dave Dobbyn. At first glance this may seem truly random (and it was, of course), but in fact Dave is one of NZ's premier home-grown artists. And I love driving around New Zealand. So, 'hallelujah' for Dave!

Flashback: "Golden Years" - David Bowie. I could not have picked a more perfect song out of the hundreds in my collection for this. And again, I swear I am not making these up! It's called serendipity, people.

Getting Back Together: "The Struggle Within" - Metallica. What could better capture the angst of taking a second chance on someone than a Metallica song? What, I ask you?!?

Wedding: "Scars" - Papa Roach. Oh MAN is this just the perfect song for this. You have no idea. Well... some of you do. Just... wow. This 'random' list is starting to give me the shakes.

Birth of Child: "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!" - ABBA (from the Mamma Mia! Soundtrack). Again - unreal, isn't it? Cuz you know how much kids like to grab everything and put it in their mouths. Hell, I still do that.

Final Battle: "Battlestar Scralachtica" - Incubus. The fact that this is the only song (and it's not even that, just some random interlude music) on Make Yourself that I don't like, yet it ends up in this category with 'Battle' in the title just makes the making of the list all the more... eerie.

Death Scene: "Don't Shed A Tear" - Paul Carrack. Yet another one-hit wonder out of the 80's but this is a pretty cool song. Again, see how it matches up? Incidentally it means for you not to shed a tear while I die. Me, I'm going to let the waterworks flow like Bill Paxton's character did in "Aliens" when faced with death.

Funeral Song: "Head Over Heels" - Tears For Fears. You just have to laugh at this point, or maybe I'm trying too hard to notice connections between the list and what song was actually played. But come on!

End Credits: "Blood, Milk and Sky" - White Zombie. The only tune on the list to completely stump me. The best part is that it's nearly a twelve minute song, so this will give them PLENTY of time to clean up the theater while the end credits to the movie of my life are playing. That's a whole lotta popcorn and soda to muck out - I must've been one popular bloke in my time! Haha.

To quote my boy, Tony Kornheiser: "That's it! That's the list!"

It was worth the wait for me, not only because I've now got all my music loaded into iTunes, but also because it just couldn't have been more fun to see it come out the way it has. Great topic there, Beechball!

Stay tuned, as I will come up with another 'soundtrack to your life' theme of my own. Lyndsay and others, I'll expect you to play along as well!

And if you need to take a few extra days to load up the jukebox, then by all means do so.


Blogger Beechball * said...

Wow, I just laughed so many times reading that; it's scary how coincidental things can be sometimes - often making you think: should I really just be brushing this off??? Hmmm...
Golden years, by the way, has got to be a great, classic favourite of mine aswell... it's such a fun song! I am so happy you played the game and I am dumbfounded at what your playlist ended up looking like - it's extremely odd and freakin' me out! lol The wait was worth it!

5:39 PM  
Blogger Brooksie said...

Thanks Lyndsay, I'll come up with another soundtrack idea at some point and reciprocate, but not for a bit so we can savor these soundtracks a bit longer haha. It is a pretty random collection of artists and styles, isn't it? It would have been really funny if it picked up one of the Bud Light "Real Men of Genius" jingles I have on there!

7:47 PM  

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