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Saturday, February 10, 2007


All right, it's been a while since I've dragged out the old slide projector. So, excuse me while I whip this out.*

These are some pictures from mid-December that I took while walking along Oriental Parade. That's a street that fronts the Wellington Harbour and starts downtown and winds its way to the east and up a hill to the Mount Victoria Overlook. It was a sublime day and the views were outstanding. It was also a weekday, so while everyone else was toiling away at work, I was able to enjoy the walk and the scenery it afforded in near-total solitude.

Normally I like being amongst people, but it was a nice contrast to the usual hustle and bustle of the CBD and the cafes in which I usually spend time. It's times like that I really feel like Wellington is a place I can call my own and I fall in love with it a little bit more each time I see it from a new angle.

If I can get around to it (dial-up just makes this a pain in the arse sometimes), I'll upload my pics from this past Wednesday, when I re-visited Red Rocks and actually hiked up the hill for some even better sights! I even got horribly sunburned again in the process. I'll do anything for my blogger faithful, haha.

And, in one of the many fine traditions established right here at Brooksie, the pictures are presented in backwards order. So, if you don't want to kill the suspense, flip to page 2 and start at the picture on the bottom right.

Actually, there are about 6-8 pics there from an even earlier visit to Te Papa and the Wainuiomata Overlook, the latter of which faces Wellington from the opposite side of the harbour.

But these are worth looking at, too - it's got ducks!

*Gratuitous Blazing Saddles reference.


Blogger Beechball * said...

Thank you for posting those pictures, they're beautiful. It's so strange to think that you see that everyday and you'll eventually, if not already, because so accustomed to it that you'll stop seeing just how beautiful it really it. Wow. I should post some pics of where I'm from, just so you can always appreaite what you have. You appear to be living in paradise, I truly envy you... so very pretty!

7:29 PM  
Blogger Brooksie said...

Well thanks for looking at them! You said some very nice things there and they all ring true. Each time I drive into Wellington I get a thrill because it's just so striking, the way it is nestled between the blue water and the green hills. It's why I have over a hundred pictures of the same town, lol, I just can't get enough of it! And I'd love to see some pictures of Sudbury! I did look it up on Wikipedia once upon a time but I need to re-read the entry :)

8:36 PM  

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