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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Everything but The Girl

This isn't a reference to the cool British couple/band (they had that dance hit, "Missing", back in the late 90s), but I've always liked that name and it is quite an apt title for this posting.

For those of you keeping score at home, you may remember a passing mention of mine in the past to a British girl that works at the place where I get my haircut, and my crush on her.

("That's why they call them crushes. If they were easy, they'd call them something else." - Jim Baker in Sixteen Candles.)

Well, work has gotten quite hectic lately, and I'm going on a big fishing trip next weekend, so I'm also working my next regularly scheduled day off. This is usually when I'll get my hair cut, among other things, but the hair's gotten quite thick lately and I can't reasonably wait another two weeks to have it trimmed.

If I wait that long I'll look just like Animal from the Muppets!

So I've had to juggle some things and schedule the haircut ASAP, which was today, Saturday. The woman who usually cuts my hair was working today but she was booked up. So when I called the other day they scheduled me with Lisa instead.

Which is the name of The Girl in question, as I have come to find out.

You see, I never did get around to asking her out. I've made more small talk here and there and did find out her name in the course of talking to her some more, but there was never really a golden opportunity where asking her out wouldn't have sounded forced or rushed. But that was all right as I had resolved myself to take the plunge and just ask her out when the chance did come around again. As I get my haircut every five weeks or so, and she's nearly always there when I turn up, I figured the situation would present itself again.

Cue the sound, roll the tape, quiet on the set, and.... ACTION!

Well, I don't mean to build it up like that, and I really do hate to let you down. But it was almost serendipity today as it was indeed Her that was cutting my hair today. For what better opportunity could I ask?

As I already knew, she's very sweet and today we talked a lot about Wellington and all the cool stuff going on lately. Turns out she actually made it to the Rugby Sevens and had a blast. She mentioned how her partner (there's that word again!) plays rugby and was supposed to be playing at the Sevens. But he's got malaria so he couldn't play but anyways she had a really good time. They've been dating for several years, from the sound of it, as she mentioned how she had seen him play at the Sevens in past tournaments.

Disappointing as it is to learn she has a boyfriend, I have to admit I'm really not surprised. She's quite a girl, and on top of that she looks a lot like Olivia D'Abo, so for those of you who know me you can easily see why I'm such a fool for her.

At one point she asked if it would be all right to use the thinning shears on my hair, to which I said yes. Of course, she could have also asked if she could take a blowtorch to my head, and I'd have said, "Oh, yes! Absolutely!" ("Is that a little too hot?" "Oh, no, my hair always smokes like that when it's on fire.")

Anyways, it's not like I've been obsessing over her for weeks on end, or just biding my time in between haircuts so I can maybe have a shot at getting her phone number. I've learned to let it go so it's all right. Plenty of fish in the sea, and all that!

And if nothing else she's such a nice person and each time I go in there I get to know her a little better, and that is cool. You can never have too many nice people in your life!

Onwards and upwards.


Blogger Beechball * said...

AwwW, I'm sorry to hear she has a "partner" but like you said, at least you are making a friend int he process and if it ever falls apart, you can easily help her pick up the peices again :P hhehe Let's see the new do! Come on, and I honestly can't picture you lookin' like animal, that's too funny - I wanna see that toO! :P omg, I went to bed at like 5am, and it's 11:17am, and I have been up since like 9:45, lol what the hell is wrong with me! SOoo much fun last night, but my goon friend broke my camera so I can't turn it on to get the pictures off of it. I'll have to post them onto facebook (easier to do) but man, there are some good ones there! Anywho, HAVE FUN FISHING, I love fishing and REALLY hope that I can go this year!!! Tootles!!

5:18 AM  
Blogger Brooksie said...


Haha, sorry, just felt a little overcome there. He is the coolest Muppet of them all!

All right I'll try and get a recent pic of me with the new 'do, although it's the same old 'do I've had for the past, oh, 25-odd years. Perhaps I'll have a picture after this weekend's fishing trip! I hope you get to go on a trip this year too.

Thanks for the comfort regarding The Girl! Hopefully I'll have something new and exciting to report in the Romance Dept. sometime soon!

8:46 PM  

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